Whether you are the owner of a business or a marketing consultancy, it is important to keep up with technology and advertising news. For entrepreneurs, it is particularly crucial. As the emergence of artificial intellect and machine learning becomes more pervasive, marketers are looking at these systems to develop solutions to take full benefit of them.

There are many sources to get the scoop the latest advertising tech reports. If you are looking to get in-depth information and neutral analysis, you will see that with the Endorsing Technology Authorities. Their community of highly engaged believed leaders gives you a comprehensive point of view on industry issues as well as the latest technology. They offer a great in-depth each week newsletter and an complex research article, which is directed at providing a great unfiltered point of view on the most recent news inside the technology and marketing domains.

You will also find five websites covering the latest advertising technology. Every single blog targets on a different market: Social Media, SEO, Online Marketing, B2B Inbound Advertising, and Content Advertising. You will also get detailed teardowns and marketing examples, that will demystify the world of advertising to non-marketers.

The Marketing Technology Council is an prime blog designed for the MarTech industry. It offers unbiased media and guru opinions, as well as a regular newsletter that features interviews with marketing and technical leaders. https://www.strategywork.info/how-to-create-a-cost-leadership-strategy They try to address the technology concerns faced by simply CMOs. Fortunately they are a community of engaged thought leaders and experts whom provide specific analysis.

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