Afrixx is the first generative NFT project focused on telling the African History in an artistic way, featuring historical faces and African legends accompanied by their stories. Specifically, the stories will be a shared knowledge between the team and us, as known in their places of inception. Thus creating something educational and a means of knowledge preservation. We are promoting the African heritage while utilizing creativity.

The core team: Oshomah Abubakar the Artist. Chimdi BAM the 3D expert. Oyindamola Anthony the Illustrator & 3D artist and lastly, Abu Aliyu the Tech expert & Illustrator.

54 ADA

The first 1,000 Afrixx minted will have a reduced price of 44 ADA, Sango's orders Sango zap

5,454 of the Remixx series and 15 Afrixx Originals

The Remixx Series is our main generative drop of 5,454 character that come with a range of items, clothing and headgear, all with rarity, some with legendary items from our Afrixx Originals.

These are the 15 main characters of the Afrixx Universe, or the Afriverse as it is often called. Our most sought-after and highly prized collection, the Originals are legendary icons of African history, both real and mythologised.

The Originals will be randomly dispersed throughout the main Remixx drop, so there is an element of chance in minting one.

Saturday 27th November, 5pm UTC


It’s a jungle out there and to get into the Frixx nation, you may come across some bad guys out to get you and your coin. Look through the following to know how to spot them and beat them at their game;

  • Afrixx will not solicit funds from you in any way so anyone in your inbox asking you to send some money to get an Afrixx character wants to give you a token of tears.
  • The official website is affix.io, any other address is the doorway to a hell of scams
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let anyone roleplaying as an Afrixx representative FOMO you into parting with your hard-earned money. All our communications happen on our official Twitter, Discord, website and Telegram ONLY.
  • You have heard this a lot of times but do not for any reason disclose your wallet’s seed phrase unless you want to donate all your coin to scammers.
  •  If you have any question about anything that has to do with Afrixx and our drops, we’re always available but so are the bad jungle cats. Don’t click on any link you didn’t get directly from our official pages.
  • The devil works hard but scam bots work harder, ignore any comment on your social media feed asking to help promote your NFT or help you in anyway. It’s not help, it’s theft in disguise.